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UV Protection

An important step in caring for your eye health is protecting yourself against harmful ultraviolet rays of light. These are emitted by the sun and can cause a variety of eye troubles. If you are suffering from vision problems resulting from UV light exposure, contact Royal Oak Optical to meet with our Calgary optometrist. Here is some information about UV protection including how our eye doctor can help you with eye care and sunglasses selection.

UV Protection

What Ultraviolet Light Does to the Eyes

Ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun can cause eye damage. This includes the possibility of macular degeneration, cataracts, or temporary loss of vision. People who have a reduced amount of vitamin C in their blood plasma have a high risk of damaging their retinas from ultraviolet radiation. 

How You Can Protect Yourself from Harm

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid looking into direct sunlight. If you must spend time outdoors, covering your eyes with a pair of sunglasses will help. Sunglasses provide complete coverage, including along the sides of your head, for the best protection. Wraparound models are constructed for protection against ultraviolet rays, offering you the peace of mind that your eyes are kept away from harmful rays when you head outdoors.

What Our Eye Doctor Can Do to Help

Our eye doctor will help you select a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from exposure to UV radiation. It is especially important for children and those who engage in sporting activities to have adequate protection. UV radiation can still be emitted in shaded areas and during the winter months, therefore wearing sunglasses at all times while outside will keep your eyes safe.

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Contact Royal Oak Optical to make an appointment with our Calgary optometrist at 403-218-2020. You can discuss proper UV protection and other eye care solutions. 

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