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Myopia Control

Nearsightedness or myopia is one of the biggest vision challenges in the world. It affects people from toddlers into advanced ages. When someone has myopia, it means that they can normally see fine when objects are very near to them, but as they look at things further away, they become blurry. Our staff at Royal Oak Optical in Calgary, AB, can diagnose and help you control your myopia.

myopia control

What is Myopia?

Myopia is classified as a refractive error, meaning that the eye does not bend light the way that it should. In many cases, myopia is only mild and can be corrected with a relatively weak prescription for contacts or eyeglasses. If someone has high myopia, however, vision gets more and more blurry starting in childhood and will continue to do so until they are in their 20's. With high myopia, there is an increased chance of other eye problems developing down the road including detached retinas, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Myopia Control 

When it comes to myopia, childhood is a crucial time, because the level of their refractive error often gets worse if steps are not taken in order to correct it. 

There are four options used in optometry to attempt to slow the progression of myopia in kids including

Atropine eye drops 

These drops are often used for pain due to inflammation, have also been found to slow the progression of myopia up to three quarters in some children.

Multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are used to help vision at near and far distances; in children, these sometimes can cut myopia progression in half. 

Multifocal eyeglasses

Multifocal glasses correct different parts of the vision depending on where a child looks. Overall, kids that wear these glasses, rather than normal single vision glasses have their myopia slowed by up to a third.

Orthokeratology (ortho-K)

Ortho-K is a type of contact lens that is worn overnight to reshape the cornea while a person sleeps in order to provide clear vision during the day without the lenses. In children, the vision correction seems to have more lasting power, reducing myopia progression by nearly half.

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Proper vision is important, especially in children. Not all children respond to myopia control treatments in a permanent way, but it is always important that a child that is experiencing vision problems see an optometry doctor on a regular basis in order to assure that they have the most accurate prescription eyeglasses or contacts possible. To learn more about myopia treatment options, contact us at Royal Oak Optical in Calgary, AB at 403-218-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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