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Low Vision

If you or a loved one has serious difficulties seeing clearly, you’re not alone. At Royal Oak Optical in Calgary, we can diagnose this condition and help you get the assistance you need to make life a little easier. We care for your eyesight and want to help you see as well as possible, whatever condition you may have.

Let Us Help You Make the Most of the Vision You Have

What Does Having Low Vision Mean?

Low vision is more than just having blurry vision. This condition is when even using vision-correcting eyewear, you cannot see better than 20/70 from your best eye.

The field of view you have also plays a part. Tunnel vision, a condition which restricts your view to an area of 20 degrees or fewer, indicates a significant loss of your field of vision, which also falls under this category of vision problems.

What Causes Low Vision?

Several problems can cause this condition. Most often, injuries, diseases, or long-term conditions of the eye can lead to low visual acuity. Some conditions that could lead to significantly lower visual acuity or field of view include the following:

    • Diabetic retinopathy
    • Glaucoma
    • Cataracts
    • Macular degeneration
    • Injury

How Does an Optometrist Diagnose Low Vision?

If you already have a progressive eye disease, you should have regular appointments with your eye doctor to keep track of the condition. In such instances, your optometrist may conduct more frequent visual acuity tests to closely monitor your vision.

Should you try eyeglasses and surgery and your vision remains at 20/70 or below, you will receive a diagnosis of low vision. Despite a diagnosis of low vision, you still need good vision care and regular tests to ensure your eyesight does not worsen, and to help you learn to adapt to the condition.

What Is the Treatment for Low Vision?

Treatment for low visual acuity includes helping you to adapt to not being able to see as well as you could before. Magnifiers in both electronic and non-electronic formats can help you to live a more independent lifestyle. When using such magnifiers, you can manage your medication, make meals, use a computer or cell phone, and even enjoy your hobbies.

Let Us Help You Make the Most of the Vision You Have

If you are concerned about your vision, get the quality eye care you need from our optometrist here at Royal Oak Optical in Calgary. Make your appointment today to see how we can help you live a full life despite your low vision.

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