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Eyecare Services

By making eye care a priority, you can protect your vision. The easiest way to get consistent eye care services is to partner with a qualified optometrist from Royal Oak Optical in Calgary. At Royal Oak Optical, you work with professional eye doctors, like Dr. Bina Lila, who are top in their field. Our personalized eye care services are geared to improving eye health and optimizing your vision. From comprehensive eye exams to pre- and post-op LASIK surgery care, we’re here to meet all your eye care needs.

Eyecare Services

Eye Care Services We Provide

At Royal Oak Optical, we believe preventative eye care is key to maintaining good eye health. For this reason, we encourage our patients to get regular eye exams. A comprehensive eye exam from Dr. Bina Lila, your optometrist in Calgary, entails analyzing eye health, diagnosing eye conditions, evaluating vision function, and determining treatment to correct vision problems.

Your Calgary eye doctor will test you for eye conditions that can hinder your vision such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. If you need corrective lenses, we’ll write you a prescription so you can get the eyewear you need. Our facility offers an extensive lineup of quality prescription glasses as well as contact lenses to correct your vision. Your optometrist in Calgary can help you decide which would be best for you.  

Additional services we provide include retinal camera imaging to check for eye diseases, visual field screening to diagnose and monitor glaucoma and pre- and post-op care after LASIK surgery. We also offer eye checkups for children, which can begin when your infant is 6 months old.    

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To schedule an eye exam or consult with an experienced eye doctor from Royal Oak Optical, call 403-218-2020 today. We look forward to meeting your eye care needs.

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