Eye Health Awareness As You Age Can Preserve Your Sight

Royal Oak Optical serves Calgary with quality optometry services ranging from regular comprehensive eye exams, prescriptions, computer vision treatment, contact lens fittings, and much more. We know eye health, and we want to share with you some healthy eye aging tips to preserve your sight well into your golden years.

Eye Health Tips

  • Wear UV protection each and every time you are outside. The sun’s rays are harmful to more than just your skin. These ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to your eyes as well. To preserve your sight, wear your shades.
  • Eat a healthy and colorful diet for more than just your waistline. There are too many reasons to count to choose healthy foods. Your eyes will ages differently if you eat a diet that consists of many colorful vegetables and fruit than if you choose to eat processed food. Eat for your sight with a colorful plate of natural brightness at each and every meal.
  • Reduce your sodium. Salt intake is a hot-button topic at an appointment with your primary care physician, but did you know that too much salt can hurt your eyesight as well as your heart and blood pressure for the same reasons?
  • Choose the right proteins. Fish are great for your eyes, especially those high in fatty acids. Get your protein from lean meat or fish for optimal eye aging and health. If you do not care for fish consider adding a fish oil supplement to your diet.

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