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Through regular optometry care, you can often avoid eye diseases and conditions that can permanently impair your vision. Routine eye checkups give your eye doctor an opportunity to see how well you’re taking care of your eye health and if there are areas you need to improve upon. Through eye exams, your optometrist in Calgary can detect and treat eye diseases in their early stages to keep them from worsening. These are a few ways in which preventative eye care from Royal Oak Optical can protect and preserve your vision.

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What Does Eye Care from Royal Oak Optical Entail?

Preventative eye care can be your family’s first defense against eye diseases and conditions. At Royal Oak Optical, we offer comprehensive eye care services that benefit your entire family. Our team is composed of highly trained optometrists, eyewear consultants, and opticians to meet your eye care needs. Our facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to include digital retinal imaging to help us diagnose and analyze such conditions as hypertension and diabetes.

At Royal Oak Optical, you’ll be attended by Dr. Bina Lila, a highly qualified eye doctor with years of experience in the optometry field. Dr. Lila along with the rest of our team will see you get the personalized eye care services you need. Our core services include comprehensive eye exams to evaluate eye function and accuracy of vision, testing for eye conditions and diseases, prescription eyewear, contact lenses and pre- post-op surgical care. We offer an extensive lineup of name brand eyewear and contact lens choices, including bifocal and astigmatism contacts. In Calgary, we’re well- known for our professionalism, efficiency, and personal touch.


Dr. Bina Lila

Dr. Lila attended optometry school in Boston at the New England College of Optometry and has since then been practicing in Calgary. She enjoys practicing primary care optometry with a special interest in contact lens fitting, pediatric eye exams, and laser eye surgery assessments.

Dr Lila has also volunteered for numerous missions to developing countries including Morocco, Panama, and Mexico. In addition to her current practice, she continues to contribute her time and expertise to local and international charities with hopes of helping all those in need.


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